Christian Writers' Guild

Verna Linzey Best Non-Fiction of the Year Award from Christian Writers’ Guild

2006 Awards

2006 Awards Event
This year we had the most interesting crop of books I think I’ve ever seen submitted, ranging from subjects like pain and penguins, God, death, historical fiction, starting out as a writer, and parenting. One book talks about how God plants the seeds of greatness in our lives, another is an in-depth, well researched teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, while another is a heart-wrenching story of abuse. One psychological mystery reminded me of watching The Sixth Sense while another about death notices felt a little like the Twilight Zone. Some were funny, even irreverent, some very encouraging, and some serious and hard to read for the difficult content.

After two months of intense reading, I honestly cannot remember a more spirited, discussion-filled board meeting. So often the choices have been clear-cut and need little discussion. This year, every book made us think and hash over the merits and flaws. We all had our personal favorites. In the end, we chose the books and articles and poems that we agreed are best written and handle their subjects most successfully, but every piece submitted gave us a lot to think about. Jennie Gillespie, President, SDCWG

  • Sherwood Eliot Wirt Writer of the Year Award: Rebecca Farnbach
  • Best Fiction book published in 2005: Dear Enemy by Jack Cavanaugh
  • Best Non-fiction book published in 2005: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Dr. Verna Linzey
  • Best Article published in 2005: Carrie Carter, M.D. for her monthly Health Matters column in MomSense Magazine.
  • Best Short Story published in 2005: Eleven Seconds by Dr. Randy Ingermanson
  • Finest poem written in 2005:: hold still, allow me by Daniel Graaff
  • Best Devotional published in 2005: Bag of Ice by Kelly Bell

    Honorable Mentions
  • Fiction Book: Death Watch by Jack Cavanaugh and Jerry Kuiper
  • Non-Fiction Book : Parenting 20-Something Kids by Martha Pope Gorris



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