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Verna Linzey Films New Television programs on The Holy Spirit

Verna Linzey films her new television series on the Holy Spirit

Verna Linzey films her new television series on the Holy Spirit

Submitted by David on Fri, 08/10/2012 – 14:22

August 8, 2012

A not-so-frail ninety-three year lady proves a match for the grueling schedule demanded from Act One Picture’s latest production: The Holy Spirit Today, an upcoming series of broadcasting featuring the ministry of Verna Lizney, winner of the 2005 Best Non-Fiction of the Year Award by the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild for her book The Baptism with the Holy Spirit, and winner of the “Evangelist of the Year” in 2010 bythe Military Bible Association.

Surrounded by three cameras, a intricate lighting set-up and numerous machinery under the direction of Robert Borer, the inner sanctum of Verna Lizney’s gentle home became invaded by a full crew, ensuring a lively chaos that quickly became quelled when the words of love, wisdom and spirituality flowed out of theenthusiastic evangelist. The crew fought the intensity of 90+ degree weather and skipped breaks or mealtimes under the inspiration of the lady who spoke with thundering authority.

Act One intern David Villa was amazed by how Verna Lizney elevated the work ethic the crew, after which it became apparent that what was scheduled to be a half day of filming turned into a full day with overtime. “She’s been going on for hours with only sips of water to help her voice. If she doesn’t get tired then neither are we!” said Villa.

Act One will continue to produce alongside Verna Linzey Ministries a total of thirty episodes of programming, which will air on the Christian Network.


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