Marine Corps Prayer, Military Prayers

United States Marine Corps Prayer

A Prayer for the U.S. Marine Corps

 Almighty God,

We humbly ask that

You keep watch over the Marines today

Wherever they stand watch.

On all lands, at all ports, on every sea,

At all bases, and at all embassies throughout the world,

Assure them that nothing shall separate them

From Your eternal love.

May they serve honorably

As unto You, O Lord,

Promoting only those ideals

Based on Your eternal word.

Stand beside them and guide them

Through every trial they shall face.

Grant them courage to defend the weak,

To heal the wounded, relieve the oppressed,

And bring relief to the captives.

May the calling You have placed on Your Marines

Yield the fruit of righteousness.

And should they be called to make the ultimate sacrifice,

We ask that You preserve their souls for eternal life

When You shall say,

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

Enter into the joy of thy salvation.”

Through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray.

Semper Fidelis.



– Chaplain James F. Linzey


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