Leader's Training Course Prayer

The Leader’s Training Course Prayer


The Leader’s Training Course Prayer

 Almighty and most merciful Father, in whom is the fullness of light and liberty, instill within the hearts of our ROTC Cadets the passion to lead Your people to victory. Inspire them to seek deeper levels of understanding. Enlighten their minds by Your Spirit, and be gracious unto them. Grant them the wisdom to know Your ways and sound judgment to determine what is best for the Soldiers they will lead. Gracious Father, place within them the sense of duty to You and to America. In all their endeavors, renew their minds, spirits and strength, keeping them safe from all danger, while they give You thanks for their success at the Leader’s Training Course. Amen!

  The Official Leader’s Training Course Prayer, Commissioned by Colonel Robert Frusha, Commandant, Eastern Region Command, United States Army Cadet Command, Fort Knox, Kentucky

Written in 2006 by Chaplain (MAJOR), James F. Linzey, CAARNG (Ret.), The First Full-Time Leader’s Training Course Chaplain

Historical Background of the Prayer

 The Commandant was known not to be a religious man, yet God used him to commission the official institutional prayer for The Leader’s Training Course. However, he did contribute to the writing of the prayer. An English major, he prided himself in his literary skills. When the chaplain submitted the prayer for the Commandant’s approval, the Commandant proofread the prayer and added the comma after “endeavor.” The staff found it humorous that the unbelieving Commandant contributed to the writing of a prayer for the first time in his life



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