Commander's Prayer, Military Prayers, Revival

The Commander’s Prayer

The Commander’s Prayer

Almighty God,

Our eternal Commander,

Whom we love and adore

As Creator of the universe and all therein,

We humbly come before you

Asking that you place within our hearts

The knowledge to lead your people

(Airmen, Guardians, Marines, Sailors and Soldiers)

To accomplish Your mission.

Inspire us to search for greater roles of service.

Illuminate our minds by your Spirit,

And be gracious unto us.

Grant us the wisdom to follow Your ways

And grant us sound judgment to understand

What is best for those we lead.

Gracious Father,

Place within our minds the sense of duty

To You and to America.

In all our missions,

Transform our minds and spirits

And renew our strength.

Keep us from error and on Your path of righteousness,

Giving You the glory and honor for our success.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

– Chaplain James F. Linzey


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