Church Leaders, National Bible Week, Revival

Prayer for Church Leaders

A Prayer for Church Leaders

O Holy and Most Merciful Father,

We come before Your presence earnestly beseeching You

To purify Church leaders from all evil

And protect them from all harm.

Guard them from false doctrine,

Keeping them pure in thought, word, and deed.

Grant them keenness of mind, nobility of spirit, and purity of heart,

So they may lead Your people into absolute Truth.

Through them, lead Your people to safe pastures

And guard them by night and by day.

Through the Holy Spirit, prepare and empower Church leaders

To bring forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world

For the salvation of the lost.

Empower Church leaders to expand the borders of Your Church

Through Your love, Your light, and Your life-giving sacrifice

Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen.

– Rev. Dr. James F. Linzey –

National Bible Week 2009
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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