Military Prayers, Navy Prayer, Revival

Navy Prayer

A Prayer for the U.S. Navy 

Almighty and most merciful Father,

As Thy Sailors are sailing by day and by night,

And flying through the imperiled twilight,

May they ne’er deny Thee nor e’er serve another.

Unscroll the heavens that they may see,

And save them, O God, from dangers unseen.

Stretch out Thy hands o’er troublesome waters;

Bring peace to their souls that they may not falter.

Within Thy arms of eternal protection,

Amidst the waves, throughout stormy seasons,

May they secure freedom and divine intervention

For those for whom Christ died; let this be their reason.

Prosper Thy Sailors with spiritual harvests,

The fruit of their labors in which they’ve invested.

Most merciful Father, with Thee as our King,

Through Jesus, our Lord, we ask all these things.


– Chaplain James F. Linzey


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