Air Force Prayer, Military Prayers, Revival

Air Force Prayer

A Prayer for the U.S. Air Force

Almighty and everlasting Father,

You are the ruler of the universe and all who dwell therein.

We earnestly ask that You grant to all Airmen

Victory over principalities of the air

That they may remain spiritually free from all oppression and darkness.

Equip them to lead Your people to victory

That our skies and land will remain abundantly free and prosperous

And a beacon to the world of eternal freedom.

Enlighten their minds by the Spirit of truth,

And be gracious unto them.

Grant them the wisdom to discern

Between the profane and the Holy

So they may be spiritually vigilant throughout all their missions.

Grant them the mind to do Your will, O Lord,

In the face of adversity and in service to Your people.

We give You thanks and honor for the courage

You have bestowed upon them

Whether on land or heavens

To reach up and touch Your face

As they fulfill Your will.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

Former Air Force Chaplain James F. Linzey


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