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A Prayer for the Nation

A Prayer for the Nation

Almighty and Most Merciful Father,

For our heritage, Thou hast entrusted

Into our stewardship this great land.

We humbly beseech Thee that Thou mightest grant us

Thy blessings of prosperity as our souls prosper,

Freedom as we grant refuge to the oppressed,

And secure borders, shores, and skies

As we defend the defenseless.

Deliver our nation from discord, disloyalty, envy and pride

And every sort of evil.

Grant that, from among us, Thy people, servants would rise

To the challenge of leading this great nation into Thy ways,

Hearkening not only to our voices, but to Thine as well,

Ensuring unity as one nation under God.

Grant our nation peace and wisdom,

And lead us into obedience to Thy laws

That we may be a light to the world—

A light on a hill which cannot be hid—

That we may glorify Thee before the nations of the world.

And when our nation is tried,

Let not her faith fail Thee.

Let not our nation grow weary in well-doing,

But let her grow stronger with each passing trial.

All these things we ask

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

– Chaplain (MAJOR) James F. Linzey, ARNG (Ret.)


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